At Mothers & More, we connect mothers through a network of both virtual and local communities throughout the United States. We know the evolution of mom changes daily. We are here to support you through all those changes. Mothers & More is committed to creating a place for moms to engage in a larger community of women who are experiencing the challenges that all mothers face, not only in raising children, but also in fulfilling their sense of self and self-worth. We are here to empower you, educate you, make connections for you and remind you that you are more than just moms. As a bonus, you don’t  have to leave us when your situation with work, kids, life, changes—we face it all!

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Imagine on top of the stressful demands of motherhood the added stress of not being able to diaper your child. No mother should have to struggle with depression, anxiety, sick children and lost work days because she can not afford enough diapers. This Mother’s Day, you can “Make a Mother’s Day” by joining the Mothers & More Diaper Drive. Mothers & More members in more than 26 communities across the nation will collect diapers and donations in partnership with diaper banks and community organizations. 

Help Mothers & More collect 60,000+ diapers during April and May for mothers who can’t afford this basic necessity.  Online donations in the box to the right support the National Diaper Bank Network. You may also participate in a local diaper drive coordinated by a chapter of Mothers & More.

Nearly one-third of low-income mothers in the U.S. face a daily struggle of not having enough diapers to keep their children clean and healthy.  Known as Diaper Need, this hidden consequence of poverty is a significant cause of maternal depression and anxiety according to a 2013 study published in Pediatrics. The stress mothers face in turn impacts the health and development of their children. Plus, federal anti-poverty programs such as food stamps (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP) do not help pay for diapers, which can cost $70-$80 per month per child.



“Mothers & More helped me feel less alone as a working mom” - Roxanne Smith      

“I have found some of my dearest friends through Mothers & More, several of whom have helped me through some of my most challenging times.” - Maura Devine

“It means a chance to do something for myself and not just my children.” - Suzy Nauert

“I have enjoyed the opportunity to meet many moms from many different walks of life. As I have transitioned to being a mom of older kids, the group has transitioned as well and still offers me benefits.” - Carolyn Holbach